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Due to several mishaps recently we cannot offer or guarantee same day shipping​. We are working to address all shipping and mail pickup scheduling issues and as soon as everything has been rectified we will be able to offer same day shipping again.

If you need your packages to be held at your local post office until you can pick them up, then please write "HOLD AT POST OFFICE" in the second available shipping address line when entering your name and shipping address. Example:





Our order processing dept. will see your HPO (Hold at Post Office) request and will mark your label so that your postal delivery person will clearly see your request.

Other Shipping Questions

Q: Help, I need my package shipped to a different address than what was used during checkout!

A: Please check all shipping information carefully when placing an order. Our payment processor will not allow us to ship to a different address other than what was entered during checkout. In such a case, we will need to refund your order to allow you to place your order again, using the correct address. If your order was already shipped, we cannot refund your purchase price until your package is returned to us, so please be sure to enter your correct shipping address.


Q: Where is my package?

A: Sometimes USPS can be late in delivering packages, or in updating their systems. Sometimes tracking data doesn't update until days after a package has been delivered. Because of these common problems, we require that at least 7 days have passed since the last USPS update before contacting us to investigate your missing order. If your shipment is missing or has been 'lost' by the USPS you can visit this page on the USPS website to get started finding it or filing a claim and requesting a shipping Refund.

Q: Why do you no longer offer free shipping?

A: We have had many issues with USPS damaging or losing packages. It was recently bought to our attention that because TNT paid for the shipping costs, we were then responsible for filing the insurance claim on behalf of the customer. With the number of orders we fulfill every day, this would significantly decrease our ability to fulfill orders as promised if ordered in time. We are also offering new shipping options to our customers and the customer must choose which option they prefer during the checkout process. 


Q: If you no longer offer free shipping, then why have you not changed your prices?


A: If you look closely, we have reduced our prices to reflect the difference of new shipping costs now incurred by our valued customers. At checkout, you should notice that the checkout price (including customer-selected shipping cost) should be very similar to the checkout price before when free shipping was offered.


Q: What is your policy on stolen mail?

A: If you believe that the area where you receive your mail is not a secure place, then please request to "HOLD AT POST OFFICE" when checking out. Your package will be held at your local post office for you to pick up. Because we offer this service free of charge, we will not be held liable for missing/stolen packages after they have been delivered.


Q: What is your policy on damaged packages?

A: If your package is damaged, you can either: take the damaged package as well as a printout of your purchase confirmation (will have been emailed to you right after you made the purchase) and request to file an insurance claim for damaged deliveries at your local USPS office.


Q: Why does my tracking number say "USPS is awaiting package" even though it's been more than 24 hours?


A: Recently, we have seen an increase in the number of customers who are having issues tracking their packages. Often times, their tracking report may read something similar to: "Label created in the system. USPS is awaiting receipt of the package". Unfortunately, we can not force USPS or its employees to do what is expected of them. Properly scanning a tracking barcode throughout the delivery process is one of them. We can promise this: If you receive a shipping confirmation and a tracking number, your order was placed on the mail truck that same day (assuming it was during normal business days and hours, and that we didn't experience the issues noted above.) and your order is on its way.

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